Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Naija dey over do their own sef

Hahaha so i may get a few biffs from my girl friend for this blog....buh its something i just had to  get off my chest....really

So like every other country and city night out, me nd a friend decided it would be wise to hang out with a couple of drinks nd fine women company....which i must say was highly required. Only question would be where this hanging be best located. Hmmm couple of phone book searches and we were informed about this party at the infamous ELEGUSHI beach. So yh we hopped in our fancy cars and did a 100mph on the third mainland bridge minutes later we were at lekki and then hello to the sweet sights and sounds of bar 360. Good music followed with drinks and fine women to dance with....i must say it was really fun.

Well it was fun on the beach till it was time to head on home...but you know how we say in the uk..."the night is still young at 1am" and it was just 11pm. So on to the next agenda, and homeboy says he needs to splash it....whatever that means lol. Heading out of the island, and don't ask me where this idea came from, but we both agreed that a curtain call for the night would be at a strip club.....big mistake or maybe a chance to witness how Nigeriians handle their own type of strip tease i guess.

How i wish cameras were allowed at the club, cos words can not, and will not express my amusement at what blinded my once very 'virginous' eyes.....oh lawdie it truly was stunning.

Ever heard of sex on a plane....or sex in a beach....sex in an ally....sex in the office....toilet...in church (oh yeah....CU students know what i mean)...under a bridge.......yes there are countless places where that pleasure can be exercised....but for the love of me, i never thought i would pay good money to watch one; well yes we pay for porn on the internet, cable, or from some random Chinese dude on the corner yelling " one pound DVD". But no to actually watch one on stage, live girl-on-girl action. And i mean real action, with the dildo and the pounding, and the moaning (while the dj was at the back playing Oleku). It was intensed, i went there with eyes bulging and for some reason I couldn't help bt imagine hw people actually enjoy this. Would i go back there again, NO!! but people seemed to know each other by name there. Talk about being a good customer.

Don't understand Nigerians need and urge to be like the westerners. We watch things on tv and practice  them on ourselves. Sad.

But am not here to judge, neither am i here to promote the club. But for all those who know where this place is located or for those who wish to know, i really truly honestly dont know or remember the name.....something cage.....lool somewhere close to Isaac John street at Ikeja.

And if you going there tonight....hmmm have fun i guess. Lol