Sunday, 22 April 2012

What You Thot You had

Ok before you all read this, its important you understand that am in d can right now dropping a massive douche.....good nw that we have gotten that info out of the way (just so you are reading a blog from DaEpiphanyDoucheness), lets talk about #Women, and who they think they have as spouses.

*btw* The lights just went off and its kinda dark in here.....oh well least i have my Motorola Xoom tht illuminates d dark.

So women....i must say, its bad enough that we....well i was....don't know about the other readers.....its bad enough that i was made to believe that you #Women were created from me....i mean am missing a rib just cos of yall so i believe you girls owe me one.....can i hear an AMEN from the brothers.....lool

You owe me alot and am still waiting for the pay back... Buh thats not what we here talk about....moving on.

Ok so was having a convo with a female friend the other day that got me thinking. Boyfriends and PRETEND boyfriends. Hahaha i know i have raised a few eyebrows from the corner....yes i see you Chris...don't close this page cos you scared your pretend girlfriend might be

Its sad when i see these girls dating that guy cos of what she sees him as rather than what he really is...and am poised to ask a very silly question....the #whatif question..example #whatif he wasnt what you thought he was... Or #whatif he is better than how you see him now....#whatif i scratch your back......would you do the same??  Lool

She thought she was dating him cos he had a range....truth was he always borrowed it whenever he had a date with her....the things we guys do to get laid is like that movie that was directed by Neil Burger....#LIMITLESS. After all Jay said it in his song P***y....thats why every baller in the world dress fly.

So what exactly do you think you have????? A man who is willing to die for you....or a man who wouldn't flinch at the thought of taking off with the next girl after you??? The answer is in the truth.

*ahhh* the lights comes on in the toilet.......

My advice....

There is fun in doing the relationship knw...where you play hard to get. Trust respect for a woman goes out the door the moment i see her naked on the second date. Plus it is within this dance that you get to decipher what exactly it is that you are gonna like in him, and you get to have fun while he treats you like a lady...its only the skanks that give it on the first night.

Engage in conversations other than sex.....geez if only this generation can have something meaningful to say....they would have my attention 24/7, or am i the only one bored from all the sex talks??

The truth is, what you thought you had is nothing compared to what you really have.......#YourSelfEsteem


Gotta clean up now.... Thanx for reading

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