Sunday, 22 April 2012

Save A Soul

My first poem written in the can.... Can't stress this enough are reading a blog from DaEpiphanyDoucheness

People is poor begging for help; when the storm is over, they dying for health; we still stay smiling cos we got the wealth; but when our days is over, it all starts to melt; wot wuld u do, if u culd walk in his shoes; wiv no amount of money to pay for a food; now u out on d streets seeking refuge; stopping cars and eating off the roots; getting cold cos u sleep on d road; evry second the clock ticks u wish they can see; ex friends laughing cos they aint you, stupid politicians lying they see u; wasn't ur fault, mamma raised no fool; wiv no father figure it cursed ur childhood; the world spins twice cos u aint living, lookin dead, maybe u aint eating; wuldn't feel worse if u was not breathing, i feel the pains of refugees seeking; thts why i drop some chedder when ever he come knocking; if only i could change the world i would start healing; the beggers, orphans and d lost souls; imagine all the happiness am gonna bring, knowing ma lyrics helped save a soul; i'll do this all over till u touch a soul.

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