Thursday, 31 May 2012

Da Cross

I'll carry ur cross when am done carryin mine;

cos this lyf is lyk we walkin on hidden mines;

gotta be careful, gotta have the vision;

plus every fink we did, got our decisions;

ma intuition tells me am ryt, even wen am wrong, its still a fight;

aint used to cryin in ma sleep, ma nights are deep;

aint no watered pillow, no body-guards no armoured cars, am clean;

even though they say am mean;

am like a priest, go ahead tell me ur sins;

and i'll carry it along till am deseased;

nd d day i dust...cos even trust, still got its time;

i got no tym....i'lll help u out; call me godfather i'll bail u out;

follow me nd u'll see there's a better lyf out there for u nd me;

inbetween is the link, the cross.

Am no God, judgement is for HE;

death moves in shadows, i'll provide the light;

think of me nd u'll see at night; trust in me u aint gotta fight;

am ur brother, father, cousing, or a soul train; whenever its hurting, i'll ease the pain;

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